Internet Intelligence Analyst Course Description

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The Internet Intelligence Analyst Course (IIAC) is a 5 day course that will provide students with the basic skills required to effectively search the Internet, collate the data, analyze the information they gather, and create effective intelligence reports. The course will also show students how to effectively protect themselves on the Internet. This course is highly practical with a number of interactive exercises to ensure that all students have a firm grasp on the theories taught.

Each student will receive a manual on Internet intelligence, and a variety of freeware software applications.

Topics covered in this 5 day course include:
• An introduction to intelligence and the intelligence process
• Web 2.0 - the future of the web and ‘user generated content’
• Search engine mechanics and basic search techniques
• Collating Internet-sourced materials
• Maintaining anonymity online - how and when to protect your online identity
• Introduction to the intelligence analysis process
• Using blog, wiki, and social networking sites as tactical intelligence tools
• Using RSS Feeds and Twitter as an intelligence tool
• How to utilize freeware - its benefits and limitations


IIAC Course Brochure.pdf
Internet Intelligence Analyst Course brochure
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